WikiLeaks, a Redditor’s Best Friend

It comes as no surprise that the majority of redditors are strong advocates of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange. The site has its own subreddit dedicated exclusively to news and commentary on the whistleblowing project.

In the video, Randall says in his perfect world (designed after what he’s learned from reddit), he’d “make WikiLeaks president”.

Those involved with reddit shares several core values with those involved with WikiLeaks:
-Internet savvy and computer literacy skills.
-pluralities of both sites are considered computer “geeks” and many identify as “hackers”.
-belief in freedom of thought and free access to information
-abhorrence of political, economic, and military corruption/secrecy
-more internationalist/global perspective on politics (progressive)
-many are members of Anonymous, are hackers, or are self-proclaimed anarchists
-in favor of net neutrality and TOR/online anonymity
-WikiLeaks utilizes TOR to disperse its sources’ traceability

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange shows up to Occupy London wearing the signature Anonymous mask. Anonymous is a popular subculture with a large presence and impact on both reddit and WikiLeaks.

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